Hyderabad Shows Clear Preference For Top 3 Used Car Models

Hyderabad shows clear preference for top 3 used car models

Buying a new car definitely has many positive sides but getting a used or pre owned vehicle also certainly has its own set of positives for example monetary benefit. And with advanced technology today, the experience of buying a used car is entirely different from what it used to be earlier. Nowadays, every bit of information that you may ever need to buy a used car, is all available on the Internet. Buying a used car is no longer a daunting idea which is why more people prefer to buy pre owned cars to brand new cars nowadays.

Top 3 Used Car Models in Hyderabad

The used cars in Hyderabad are available in diesel, petrol, CNG & LPG fuel variants and some of the popular brands for are Renault, Hyundai, Maruti, Honda and Ford. Let us see the top 3 models of used cars that are preferred by the people of Hyderabad.

Honda City

Honda City – In the sedan category of cars, this beauty from the house of Japanese car makers Honda, is the most popular. The Honda City has been in the Indian car market for over a decade now. This sedan has been a popular choice among both new as well as used car buyers in the country. The fourth generation City launched back in 2014 has reportedly sold about 1.5 lakh units in just 20 months, while the company sold about 1 lakh units in only 15 months and sold another 50,000 units in other five months. Clearly, the Honda City has been one among the most preferred cars in the country.

Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta – The hottest selling car segment in the Indian auto market is no doubt the compact SUV segment. The Creta from the Korean car major Hyundai, is the most popular model among the used SUVs in Hyderabad. Hyundai had launched the Indian Car of the Year 2016, Creta, last year which has been ruling the compact SUV segment ever since its launch. Hyundai Creta has given very little scope to other cars in its segment to compete with it. The Hyundai Creta creates a strong road presence with its aggressive stance of an SUV.

Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid – Out of the most dominating hatchback segment in India, the Renault Kwid is the top selling hatchback car among the used cars in Hyderabad. Renault had launched its tiny hatchback the Kwid in India. From smart and catchy advertisements featuring Bollywood’s top rated actors to sponsoring test drives to auto experts and media tycoons before its launch, Renault has definitely captured the Indian market like never before, starting from its launch in 2014, because of its good looks and fresh design and efficient engine, all on offer at an affordable price tag.

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