How Used Car is Best Option for Me?


How Used Car is Best Option for Me?

It sure gives us a great feel to drive away in a new car and that stellar feeling cannot be matched by anything else, but buying a new car can actually be a very costly affair. And when the costs of owning the car set in, then the continuous expenses keep on piling and become an additional responsibility. On the other hand, buying old cars can help you by saving quite an amount of money, while offering the same quality of the car. There are quite a lot of plus points of buying used cars in mumbai, which can be the best option for many of us.

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Buy Used Car and Save Your Money

Used cars in andheri and any other place too, means lesser depreciation and lower cost – A new car loses its cash worth by thousands of rupees, the moment we drive it away from the showroom. This is one of the main reasons why people opt to buy used cars. When you purchase a car which is about two years old, the value will drop though not at the same rate. This way we can avoid the big initial hit. Obviously, the cost of the car will be lesser than the brand new one.

No taxes for purchasing a used car – New cars come with attached state taxes. Many states slam a hefty amount of tax for the new cars, but not on the used ones. The tax that the car dealers have to add to the cost of a new car, on selling it, can be a huge amount. So it is always better to do some homework about the state laws before you buy a car.

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Features on used cars – When you buy a used car, it is true that you may not get all the features that you had wanted, but you will definitely not have to pay extra for those features that you never asked for. On the other hand, it can well happen that you get certain features that you did want, that too by shelling out a much lesser amount than the original price of the then new car.

Lower registration fees – In most states, the rate of the car registration fee depends on the value of the car and its model year. In some places it might decrease during the first few years after a car is manufactured. The rate is usually highest during the first three years, and then it gradually levels off. In this way too, you can save quite an amount of money by buying a car that is at least three years old.

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Car dealers’ fees – Dealers come up with different fees for new car buyers like shipping charges, destination fees, dealer’s fees etc. These charges do us no good other than draining off money. But purchasing certified used cars or from the private parties, does not involve these extra charges. You onpric3ly pay for what is needed, by negotiating which is simply not possible when you are purchasing a new car.

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