How to Sell Your Car to a Dealership in Chennai


How to Sell Your Car to a Dealership in Chennai

India’s used car industry is seeing a growth 2.5 times the size of the new car market, which is mainly due to the growing acceptance of used cars by Indians. As per studies by one of the major auto portals in India, buyers of used cars in Chennai tend to prefer older cars as compared to other metro cities in India, which is reflected much by the used car dealerships in Chennai.

Honda City in Chennai

Find Used Car Dealers in Chennai

Selling your car to a dealership in Chennai is no longer a daunting experience anymore, not only due to the rising demand for used cars in India, but also for the numerous online resources available to you which help immensely.

Some big car dealerships in Chennai have policies to buy any car that you are willing to sell them, irrespective of the overall condition and make of your car. Other dealerships in the city may try to strike a deal on a car even when you are not going to buy anything from them in return. It is always good to check the trade-in value of your used vehicle over the Internet and then with that info in mind, you can visit a car dealership that might be interested to buy your car. It is also good to be realistic about the overall condition of your car once the dealer inspects it. There is very less scope of negotiation in such cases since you will not be trading in your car for a new one.

Before you visit a used car dealer in Chennai, remember to know what type of car you own. If it is an older model with issues such as non functional parts, bad tyres, dents and scratches, then there are chances for you to be faced with issues to get an offer from most new car dealerships in Chennai.

Used Cars in Chennai

Find the car dealership that exhibits maximum interest in selling your car because they would probably be more likely to give you the most money for it. For this, you should first visit a car dealership that sells cars of the same brand as yours. For example, if you are trying to sell a Honda car, take it to a Honda dealer to know what they will offer. Try a different brand car dealership if no Honda dealerships offer agreeable deal.

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However, if your car is older, you may wish to directly try and visit a car dealership that specializes in used cars only. For example, a 1990s Merc will probably fetch less value to a Merc dealership, which mainly sells new Ford cars. It might make more sense in that case to go to a pre owned car dealership that sells inexpensive used cars irrespective of any brands.

Remember that it is better to just be prepared to accept a trade-in value that may be slightly less than the retail value of your car.

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