How to Protect Your Car in Winter


How to Protect Your Car in Winter

Winter is around the corner so here are some tips to keep your car healthy and drive safe in areas where it snows and also in areas where it gets chilly and foggy.

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Service – It is good to get your car checked before winter starts. Winters are tough for the car engine and engine oil replenishing and refilling will allow it to run smoother. Moreover a service check would fix all that is wrong with your car before it is pushed to its limits.

Check Tyre Pressure – If it has been some time that you checked tyre pressure, it should be done as soon as the weather changes. This is because during summers the air is not dense but by the time winter arrives, the air would become dense and not exert enough pressure. The tyres should also be in a healthy state without any excessive wear and tear. They should also be the right sort for the season.

Make sure that the electronics on the car are functioning properly – This includes all the lights including hazard lights, climate control, blowers, fuses and battery. Defoggers are very crucial during the winters, so make sure that they are working fine. Engines might take a longer time to start up during winters so getting the old battery replaced with a new one is also very important.

Winter Driving Tips

Cooling System – Make sure the coolant is in the right state. It should also have the proper amount antifreeze which enhances its heat carrying capacity and also reduces its freezing point. A 50-50 mixture of coolant and water is advised to reduce the freezing point. The antifreeze that is added to the coolant also prevents the system from rusting. There are different types of coolants available so do make sure that you use the one recommended by the car manufacturer and not anything else. Make sure to check the cooling system for any leaks and fix them at the earliest.

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Wipers & Washer Fluid – Wind shield wipers play a vital role across the year. The rubber blades of the wipers tend to harden with time and become less effective, so they must be replaced to ensure smooth operation and prevent any scratches on the windscreen. There are winter wipers available too which prevent the ice from collecting on the blade.

In extreme cold conditions, the windscreen washer fluid might freeze. Make sure to add some concentrate to reduce the freezing point of the liquid. Also ensure that there is plenty of washer fluid since you might be using a lot of it in an effort to keep the windscreen clean while driving.

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