How To Protect Your Car During Heavy Rains


The monsoon brings floods and traffic jams and a lot of problems for your car. The rains can do quite a lot of damage to the dirt and mud accumulating in different areas, which might lead to electrical issues or rust at the very best.

Car Care Tips For SummersTo make sure that your car can endure the heavy rains, there are a few steps that you should undertake.

These quick tips would not only protect your car but also help you to be safe in the process.

How to protect car exterior

The exterior of the car takes the major force of the rains. Leaves, dirt and mud would ruin the beautiful paint finish and the damage would actually be quite punitive if you do not take steps to protect the exterior.

Keep the car clean

The simplest way to protect the exterior of the car is to ensure that muck and dirt does not settle on it. You should always try to wipe the dirt or wash it off after driving in the rain.

The would ensure that the dirt gets washed off and cannot stick around and cause damage to the paint. Wipe down the car to get rid of all the leaves and the twigs from the paint of the car.

Also, it is never wise to use a cover if the car is kept outdoors. It might be able to protect the car from the leaves and twigs falling on the car, most of the water falling on the car would actually flow away.

The cover would, however, stick to the body of the car due to the moisture. When the sun shines again, the car would dry and the cover could stick to the clear coat of the car. This means when the cover is removed, the coat can be peeled off causing irreversible damage to the paint.

Remember to clean under the bonnet and the boot

It is important to remember to clean under the boot lid and the bonnet of the car. The leaves tend to get stuck which clogs the water drainage gutters. These leaves could also get stuck inside the door jamming them.

This would cause water to accumulate in the crevices and causing rust, which would lead to water leaking into the interior cabin.

Protection to the underbody

The underbody of the car can be protected by spraying a mixture of used engine oil and diesel. The mixture would keep the moisture, dirt and grime away and would be integral to protecting the moving mechanical parts.

The underfloor of the car would also be protected from rust. This combination can also be used on the front suspension. Spraying should be avoided on the engine or the components of the exhaust due to fire hazards.

It should also not be sprayed on brake discs to avoid forming a film that would cause a loss of braking.

Protecting the interior of the car

The interior of the car actually takes the worst damage during the heavy rains. The muddy and wet shoes, the wet clothes and the heavy level of moisture makes the insides of the car start to smell.

The best thing to do is to install newspapers on the carpets. The water would be absorbed instantly and would be a great alternative to using cloth.

These are some of the best tips you could use to keep your car healthy during the heavy rains.

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