How to Maintain Diesel Cars?


Many times people get confused between a diesel engine and petrol engine, isn’t it? But no matter which variant of four wheeler you purchase, there is one thing which cannot be neglected at all. That is the maintenance of the car. Maintaining your car is very much important irrespective of the engine variant you have.

Have a look at the best tips that will help your diesel car to last longer and provide you with the best possible service in the coming days.

Diesel Cars

Tips to Take Care of Your Diesel Car

We have listed the most important tips that will help you to maintain a diesel variant car in the right way.

Fuel check is very important

The golden rule of maintaining your diesel car is to always keep a check on the fuel. You should never let the diesel engine run of fuel and run dry. This is because a dry diesel engine may stall suddenly at any time which also causes the fuel pump to stop functioning.

Due to a dry engine, there is also a very serious risk of rusting inside the engine and the other components. Always try to keep 2-3 litres of fuel when you are using a diesel powered vehicle. Nowadays, diesel engines come with the automatic fuel-cutoff system that indicates you when it is the right time to fill your tank.

Maintain The Optimal Rev Range

when you are driving a car powered by a diesel engine, you will always need to maintain the optimal rev range for better performance in the long run. Revs that are higher than the 4000 – 5000 mark, put a toll on the fuel economy and also makes the engine noise.

Clean the Diesel Filter

The diesel particulate filter is an important component in any diesel engine. It helps to remove soot and sediments from the diesel and supplies the engine with clean fluid. If you are driving your diesel car in the city conditions, then it is much more essential to clean the diesel filter.

Always remember to clean the filter so that the engine and the filter itself does not get damaged due to ash build up. Visit your service centre near you and make sure they clean the filter thoroughly.

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Change Engine Oil

Try to change the engine oil once every year or after you have covered a distance of 15,000 km on it. Always purchase quality engine oil so that the engine can easily feast on it and deliver you a revamped performance all the time. Using the same engine oil for a very long time can make it dry and generate serious issues with the engine.

So here are some of the important tips that will help you to maintain your car and also make sure that the engine performs consistently in the coming years.

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