How to Fix Common Car Problems?


How many times have you felt that it would have been nice to have some knowledge on how to fix the common car problems?

Wouldn’t it have been great if you had some knowledge of the cars and could fix the problems by yourself?

Almost everyone has gone through some similar circumstance and faced a problem. Often the mechanic shows that it had actually been a simple problem that could be fixed in a few minutes.

Here are a few Car problems and this is how you can fix them.

Flat Tyres

You would need to use the car jack on a stable part of the frame to lift the car upwards. Then remove the lug nuts using the ratchet and the locking wheel nut. Put on the spare tyre in its place and tighten the nuts. Next, bring down the jack. You would also need to get the flat tyre repaired from a shop.

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Flat Car Battery

If you need to jump-start a car, the cars need to be parked close to each other. You need to open the bonnet and connect the red positive end to the positive terminal of the battery in the donor car.

Car Battery
Car Battery

The same needs to be done for the other end in the car with the flat battery. The black negative end has to be connected to the negative terminal of the working battery.

The other end needs to be attached to a metal point away from the flat battery. Once you ensure the leads are not near any moving parts, start the engine. After leaving it for a minute, try turning the car with the flat battery.

Once the car with the dead battery is running, you would need to leave it for 2 minutes to charge it. You should remove the jump leads in a reverse way and start the car.

Engine Oil
Engine Oil

Changing the Oil

You would need to find the oil plan of the vehicle. Proceed by unscrewing the drain plug and draining the old oil into the pan. Then the drain plug needs to be replaced and the oil filter has to be removed using the oil filter wrench.

The rubber gasket on the oil filter needs to be lubricated using the oil filter wrench. The new oil filter needs to be filled about two thirds. You should then fill the engine with the new oil, checking the oil levels constantly. You would need to dispose of the old filter and the old oil.

Faulty Spark Plugs

You would need to open the bonnet and remove the HT leads and other obstacles. Brush away the dirt around the spark plugs. Proceed by unscrewing them with a spark plug spanner.

The gap setting tool or the feeler blades can be used to check the electrode gap. Some copper grease thread needs to be put on the threads of each of the new plugs and then screwing them in.

They need to be tightened using a torque wrench. The HT leads need to be reconnected and if any other parts have been removed, they need to be put back in place.

These are some of the most common car problems and this is how you can solve them.

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