How to Find the True Value of Your Used Car


How to Find the True Value of Your Used Car


Establishing the real price of a vehicle is one among the most essential things, which you can do while selling or buying one. This is because that no one would like to pay more for cars than it is genuinely worth.  But, the sellers and dealers would always need to get as much as they can for their cars. So, it is really hard to establish a fair price for used cards. For this reason, you should go through the given below guide in order to gain a better idea on used cars’ value before valuing your car.

True Value of Your Used Car

How do you value a car?

It is very essential to set a competitive asking price, which assures the car sells at a price, which is fair to you. Keep in mind, if you price will be too high, then it means that you are trying to discourage buyers. On the other hand, if it too low, it might surely raise suspicions. So, you need to balance it by considering three key variables while setting your price. They are vehicle’s age, condition and mileage. In addition, relying on what kind of car it is, for instance, a diesel engine or an automatic gearbox, may either reduce or boost its value.

Then, the location of the country is also considered. In generally, the price of second hand car in the south tends to be always higher than the price given in the north.  The time of the year has also an effect to some extent with SUVs fetching more money in winter and autumn and convertibles more in spring. Even, optional extras could have some effects on price depending on the kind of car to which they are fitted. Further, the price of a car varies on how it gets sold whether by a dealer or else a private individual.

Usually, cars sold by a dealer would be a lot more expensive than it gets sold by the private individuals. So, bear it in mind while setting your price. Dealers normally have many more costs that include GST on their profit, overheads and refurbishment expenses to consider. Therefore, people acknowledge this and would pay a higher price demanded by the dealers. To refer for pricing information, there are many user-car price guides available for you. If you Google it, you will get plenty more.

How to obtain a free valuation?

There is no fee charged for valuation. So, you check out the classifieds and see what a car similar to yours is advertised for. Certain sites would value your vehicle for free in response for your personal information that you might or might not be interested to give, whereas other classified sites would recommend an asking price for your vehicle, if you aim to sell it. These are all useful data, which can help in informing your selling price. While pricing your truevalue car, don’t forget that some sites would set price brand for buyers to search. For instance, if you had set your value just above 6000 Euro, then you will be amongst the first to be witnessed by those who are looking to spend 6000 Euro and more.

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