How to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Car

How to Buy a Certified Pre Owned Car – Mahindra First Choice Research

Many people in India still have a poor idea about purchasing used cars. They probably imagine themselves being handed over a metal junk in the name of a good used car. This idea, however, is not correct. There are many used cars in the dealer’s warehouse that are filled with certified cars – cars that look like new. You can actually benefit in many ways if you want to buy a pre owned car.

You can choose from where you want to buy the used car from, the dealers or the private sellers. But buying a certified pre owned car from the car dealer offers quite a lot of benefits then buying from a private party. Buying a brand new car sure has that novel feeling, but it fades away with depreciation of the car value which is inevitable, and mostly observed to depreciate maximum during the first year. But when you purchase a pre owned car, depreciation is no longer sets in, so the cost of the used car certainly is less than that of the brand new car. Gone are the days when you had to run around for days here and there to check out used cars.

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Today, numerous websites by reputed car makers have made things easy for us. Although buying a used car may seem to be like a lot of work, it is not like that nowadays. These days all that is needed from your end is bit of research online so that you can confidently go to the nearest certified used car dealers to check all the vehicles that suit your needs. You can now buy a certified used car in three easy steps, spending minimum effort and time.


  • Do some research – Internet is a great resource to find information about car models and the value they can fetch you on reselling them. Not only this, now you can even get an estimate of the actual worth of the used car that you are about to buy, with the help of car valuation tool that is available online. Such information can be quite useful while finalizing the deal.

  • Shortlist cars & The next step would be to visit the nearest certified car dealers. It is advisable to select those dealerships which are supported by a reputed car maker. Make sure to ask questions and find out every detail about the cars that interest you and then compare and shortlist the ones which best suit your needs


  • Negotiate – Always make a final shortlist of 2 or3 used cars so that it allows room for some negotiation with the seller. Once the deal is fixed, then all you need to do is sign a few documents before going to make the payment. If you need financing for your car, you can get that too from the car dealership.

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