How to avoid COVID-19 community transmission while emergency travelling?


India is still in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic which has thrown life out of gear while disrupting our regular lives in a much more profound way. While travelling (except for emergencies and work purposes) is still out of the question, what happens when you DO have to travel for emergencies using your car? This is one question that has naturally cropped up in the minds of innumerable car owners and users across the country.

Tips for Avoiding Community Transmission While Travelling for Emergencies

Here are a few tips that will come in handy when it comes to travelling for emergencies. While you should naturally refrain from travelling out of your own locality or to other States/districts/towns by road as much as possible, sometimes there are emergencies which crop up and necessitate travel.

Here are the tips that you need to follow:

  • If you are travelling by your own vehicle or a rented car, make sure that you carry a sanitizer spray by which you can sanitize the seats and all interior surfaces of the car. Keep wiping the seats regularly if it is a long journey. Drivers and passengers have to keep periodically and frequently sanitizing or washing their hands and should always use a mask at all times, both inside and outside of the vehicle
  • Maintaining social distancing is the need of the hour in every scenario when you are travelling for emergencies. Make sure that you are not standing or sitting near someone else, even a travelling companion. This applies for all flights, trains, car journeys and other modes of emergency travel.
  • Do not touch any external surfaces when you are travelling and stop somewhere for a break and so on.
  • Try and cook your own food in advance at home before travelling. If not, opt for dry snacks and sanitize packets before opening. The same applies for water bottles; bring your own water.
  • Have your own kit of a mask, gloves, sanitizer with you at all times. Invest in a spray as well, as mentioned above.
  • When passing through any area or entering into another area, comply with government or state protocols for the same.
  • Maintain hand hygiene at all times and avoid crowded places.
  • Refrain from sharing meals with people anywhere outside.
  • As per Government protocol, all travellers entering into another state or city should have their temperatures checked instantly via thermal guns.
  • Do not undertake any travel if you are feeling sick or lethargic. Persistent illness means you should get yourself tested instantly and contact your doctor.

Following these tips will help you keep coronavirus community transmission at bay when travelling for emergencies.

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