How can car owners stay safe in the current scenario? – COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has already assumed gigantic proportions from a global perspective. India is no stranger to the unfortunate effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. In this scenario, as a car owner, how should you stay safe, particularly while using your vehicle for drives on a regular or periodic basis


Here’s looking at some tips on the same:

> You should ensure that you regularly clean frequently touched surfaces like the door handles, steering wheel, buttons, touch screens, shift lever, wiper, passenger and driver armrests, grab handles and seat adjusters.

> The interiors of cars are more sensitive and you should clean safely in order to avoid interior damages.

> Many household cleaners that can be used to kill the virus on hard surfaces can also be used for cleaning car interiors.

> Alcohol-based solutions are the most effective against coronavirus. Go for cleaners with at least 70% of alcohol content. Experts recommend that each interior surface can be cleaned with the use of isopropyl alcohol.

> Hydrogen peroxide or bleach should not be used within the car in order to keep upholstery damage at bay. Ammonia-based cleaners should be avoided for cleaning the touch screens.

> Washing with soap and water is a safe and good solution for most car interiors, particularly older leather and fabrics. Scrub softly without going too hard.

> Most leathers inside cars and imitation leather surfaces already come with protective urethane coating and you can safely mop them up with alcohol. However, cleaning with alcohol for a long time may damage or discolor leather. Simple water and soap are the best options in this regard.

> Avoid excessive water and soap if there is fabric upholstery in your car. Lightly clean with a small amount of water and detergent.

> Microfiber cloth should be used for cleaning all the surfaces.

> Always wash your hands before and after driving.

These tips should be kept in mind for combating coronavirus and staying safe even while using your car on a regular basis. Proper sanitization of the vehicle is a must along with washing your hands at the right times.

The latter activity is itself enough to keep any spread of infections at bay. Take care of your car during this time and you can arrest the spread of any infectious viruses in the current scenario. Here’s to safer drives.

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