Google`s Self Driving Car Reaches 2 Million Miles

Google’s Self Driving Car Reaches 2 Million Miles

The latest technology has rapidly advanced to great heights and many companies such as Google, Audi, GM and Uber are working on plans to develop self driving cars that will let us enjoy the views outside and the ride, instead of driving the car.

On last Wednesday, Google’s program of the self-driving car reached more than 2 million miles that were driven on public roads, which is definitely a significant milestone around traditional car makers’ efforts to build autonomous cars. There are car programs which have had nearly 60 self-driving cars on roads in four states up till August, gathering real world experience as it adopts techniques to navigate the fairly complex real world of humans.

Google’s Self Driving Car

Google says that the city driving experience of its autonomous fleet of vehicles is much more valuable than simply highway time, opening up ways to learn how to tackle construction zones, hand gestures of bicyclists as well as police cars. Google’s self driving cars which are equipped with cameras and sensors are also on their way while collecting a greater range of detailed data. The former chief of Google`s self driving car program has said that artificial intelligence is going to take us to greater heights and it will all start with smart or artificially intelligent driverless cars. According to CNET, car manufacturing companies such as Toyota, Ford and Volvo have all such projects planned up for the development of driverless cars.

Various new reports have said that prototypes of Google are self driving vehicles which can be found travelling on the streets of California and on October 10, the company has launched a new model to its existing fleet – the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Minivan. There have been a total of 34 prototypes that Google is currently testing and the company will have 100 additional Chrysler minivans as per the deal between Google and Fiat Chrysler. Those minivans were specifically developed to test Google`s smart-car technology.

“There are miles and then there are miles,” Dmitri Dolgov, the chief of software in Google’s self driving car program, said in an interview. “An even better way to think about it is not just in terms of miles or time, rather it’s the number of interactions that you have with the world and richness and complexity of those interactions.”

It has taken a little more than one complete year for this smart car program to head from one million to 2 million miles. During that time, the field of autonomous cars has changed quite a bit which in turn suggests the beginning of a new age of transportation which is about to emerge in the recent future. Back in last month, Google was successfully able to record 2 million miles for the extensive road testing of its self driving smart cars. The main purpose of Google to launch its program for driverless cars is to maintain the safety of the passengers.

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