Ford launches Figo and Figo Aspire Titanium (O) variant in Indian market

Ford launches Figo and Figo Aspire Titanium

 Figo Aspire

Automobile companies all over the world are always on the lookout for gaining an upper hand over their competitors. This has led to an ever increasing number of car varieties in the global market. With the continuous development of technology every company wants to pack in as much new robotics as possible to tempt the customers into purchasing their brand. Ford, the American multinational automakers, is no different and with the launch of their new Figo and Figo Aspire Titanium (O) variants they are upping their game.

Figo and Figo Aspire Titanium (O) Variant

The first generation of the Ford Figo was launched in India in 2009 which was followed up with the second generation in 2015. With the Titanium (O) scheduled to be launched this year it promises to be a treat for car lovers.

The Titanium (O) variants of Figo and Aspire includes an optional package that can be incorporated in the normal Titanium variety of the hatchback and compact sedan siblings Figo and Aspire , which is equipped to have 6 airbags for additional safety. The driver, co-driver, side and curtain airbags incorporated into the new variant promises to be on par with its top end counterpart, the Titanium +. Various other features are incorporated aiming to make this new car an irresistible preference over its competitor in the Indian market.

The Titanium (O) variant is destined to have Antilock Braking System with Electronic Brake force Distribution (ABS with EBD) which confers the car the ability to modulate the amount of force applied to the wheels of the car depending upon various factors such as road condition, car load etc. The company also offers Electronic Stability System (ESC) and Traction Control System (TCS) which is aimed at improving the stability of the car and prevents in from skidding. Hill Launch Assist (HLA) will also be featuring in the Automatic gear box model of the Titanium (O) variant preventing it from rolling away in the up and down hill gradients thus doing away with the manual hand brake system. It is also built to be equipped with keyless entry, perimeter alarm, engine immobilizer to name a few.

However in order to incorporate these new features the company has done away with a few components previously available as cost cutting measures. These include losing out on the passenger side vanity mirror, driver’s side vanity mirror, loss of fabric door inserts, cheaper front grille and loss of height adjustable seat belts.

Available in both petrol and diesel variants the estimated cost for this additional safety net stands at Rs 24,000. In terms of cost and other specifications the Titanium (O) variant is set to fall into an intermediate category placing it between the normal Titanium and Titanium plus variant. Here is a comparative price list of both these variants along with their analogous varieties already available in the Indian market:

Petrol variant:

• Figo Titanium- Rs 5,81,900
• Figo Titanium plus- Rs 6,36,500
• Figo Titanium (O)- Rs 6,05,900
• Aspire Titanium- Rs 6,11,900
• Aspire Titanium plus- Rs 6,88,900
• Aspire Titanium (O)- Rs 6,35,900

Diesel variant:

• Figo Titanium – Rs. 6,66,600
• Figo Titanium (O) – Rs. 6,90,600
• Figo Titanium plus – Rs. 7,25,600
• Aspire Titanium – Rs. 7,21,600
• Aspire Titanium (O) – Rs. 7,45,600
• Aspire Titanium plus – Rs. 7,98,600

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