Ford EcoSport or Renault Duster- Which Used Car You Should Buy?


Do you want to buy a used car? Then you can surely go ahead because there are a lot of good condition used cars available. Are you confused between the used Ford EcoSport or Renault Duster? Then have a read through this article and make up your mind on your perfect car.

Ford EcoSport vs Renault Duster

Ford EcoSport or Renault Duster – Have a look!

We will now compare both these vehicles head to head into three different categories.

  • Exteriors and Looks

The Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster, both look like a subcompact SUV which is a good option to attract Indian customers. The EcoSport has a front grille, fog lamp bezels and headlamps which are all lined with chrome finish. The headlamps are now also HIDs and not halogens.

On the other hand, the Renault Duster also has got a makeover that makes the car look sportier and bulky. The front grille and headlamps have also received a new redesigned look which actually looks better than the Ford EcoSport because of the cool design.

  • Interiors, Safety and Comfort

The Ford EcoSport has a sophisticated looking interior which spacious and the almost black interior will surely impress a lot of people. The dashboard and steering come with the leather coated finish and it also houses the 8-inch touchscreen system for entertainment and navigation. The seats are pretty comfortable with enough boot space.

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The Renault Duster also has a black tone interior finish looks very stunning and corporate. The steering wheel has received a chrome lining over the black coat. The Infotainment system is there but the screen is smaller compared to the EcoSport. The seats are very comfortable and one can very easily spend time without cramps.

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Now coming to the safety features, the Renault Duster has the ABS with EBD, traction control and dual airbags which increases the safety standards of this vehicle. The Ford EcoSport also carries six airbags, brake assist, stability control and hill hold assist.

  • Under the Hood – Engine and Performance

The Ford EcoSport has a well packed and punchy engine performance. The car has a good pickup and feels smooth on the road even in the most uneven of surfaces. The suspension and brakes of the vehicle work seamlessly and are very responsive. It has a fuel efficiency of 18.2 km.

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The Renault Duster also has a sturdy and almost similar engine to that of the Ford EcoSport. The engine is smooth and refined even in the city conditions. But the clutch control in this vehicle is a bit too on the harder side and you will need to get used to it. It has a fuel efficiency of 11.8-14.5 km.

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Price- the Ford EcoSport is available at anywhere between Rs. 6.35 lakhs to Rs. 7.82 lakhs. Whereas the Renault Duster is available between Rs. 5.95 lakhs to Rs. 6.35 lakhs.

Final Verdict – both the vehicles feel premium and will surely deliver you a great deal of service. If you want a more bulky, travel-friendly and spacious vehicle then go for the Ford EcoSport which also has a better fuel economy. Otherwise, for city rides, the Renault Duster is a brilliant option with reliable features.

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