Extra Space Cars And A Closer Look Into Them


Extra Space Cars And A Closer Look Into Them

Why we need spacious cars?

A spacious car with extra space at the driver’s seat is a major need. Often we neglect the fact, but it is true that a drivers comfort should be of concern too as he is the one who is responsible for our smooth journeys.

Also having spacious front seats enable obese or bulky people to drive comfortably. Here we will discuss about the importance of having spacious seats and few Indian cars that have this feature.

Let’s take a closer look into this

Suzuki Baleno

Suzuki Baleno

Suzuki Baleno is a premium hatchback with a spacious interior and bold look. The interior has more legroom than any other ordinary sedan or hatchback. It can adjust 4 adults easily excluding the driver. The front seat is however divided and extra comfortable spacious arrangement has been made for the driver.

With dedicated controls in between the driver and passenger seat, driving on Indian roads has become hassle free. It comes with seat belts and air bags which are kept in mind with respect to Indian roads.

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz is claimed to be crafted for maximum comfort and most convenience on bumpy Indian roads. The driver side window has been made to operate on one touch key. The front seats are adjustable with headrests.

Driver seat height has been made adjustable for smoother driving experience which makes it easier for people of all heights to drive easily. Besides, this spacious car comes with extra footrest for passengers. Thus comfort and convenience has been properly maintained in this car.

Toyota Innova Crysta

Toyota Innova Crysta

The Innova has been the largest selling MPV in India for decades. It is indeed the best in class when it comes to spacious interiors, easy steering controls and comfortable seats. The driver seat is isolated from passenger with extra legroom for easy access to acceleration and clutch. Seats have adjustable headrests. Moreover the steering height is adjusted for best and smoother driving experience. Customer reviews on this car is quite satisfactory.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz

Maruti Ritz

The Ritz from Maruti might look like a compact car but it has indeed a large spacious legroom for tall and bulky people. The driver seat is height adjustable which makes it an easy choice. The pilot seat is adjusted like a couch with integrated headrests that move according to the movement of head. The front leg room is quite spacious and customer reviews has been satisfactory for tall people too. This car has been very successful from its launch.

Honda City

Honda City

While MUVs are leading in the race for driver space and comfort, the ultra-modern Honda City is no far away. It is a modern day cruiser sedan with more spacious legroom, easy adjustable seats and comfortable back rest that allows driving for hours without experiencing any back ache. This can has been designed with a view in mind, maximum comfort and convenience for the driver. This successfully fulfills its aim on Indian roads.

All these cars have best in class apace and comfort and anyone wishing to buy any of these has to go through a tough series of choices as each are best in its own kind.

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