Eco-Friendly Tips For Car Owners

Although a car is an electric vehicle thing that you do as a car owner can be green. So it is your duty as the owner of an electric vehicle to be eco-friendly and green. Here are some tips to help you go eco-friendly with cars –

Eco Friendly Tips

Eco-Friendly Tips

  • You need to get regular tune-ups.

    A good way to help keep your car running smooth and good is to maintain the vehicle as much as possible. This is also a good way to reduce car emissions and that is as green as you can get in a car. Regular tune-ups help get the car gas mileage increase by 4%. Also, repairing cars and tending to serious maintenance problems help improve the fuel efficiency of a car by a whopping 40% and that is always a boon. So maintaining your car is good for yourself as well as the environment.

  • You Can Purchase Eco-Friendly Tires.

    Yes, that is something that is available in the market. What are these tires? These are normal tires but made using synthetic rubber blends which are safe for the environment. These tires also offer improved rolling resistance which helps boost gas mileage and also reduce emissions. In case you do not have these tires you must check the tire pressure regularly (say: once a month) and make the necessary adjustments.

  • Do not wash your car in your Driveway.

    While it may seem to be a better and more eco-friendly option than availing the car wash, it is not. You harm the environment a lot doing that. The dirty water running off from the wash can go into the storm drains eventually draining into the rivers and these runoffs contain environment harming chemicals like oil, gasoline and exhaust residue. So avail the car wash since they know how to dispose of this water in a more eco-friendly way i.e. into the sewer systems where it gets treated before releasing into the environment.

  • Carpool with people as much as you can.

If you minimise your share of exhaust into the environment and your fellow carpooler does that too, you are saving a lot of energy and also rescuing the environment a great deal by cutting down on pollutants.

  • Leave some room in the tank while filling it up.

Gasoline is a highly toxic and inflammable material. So when it is spilt or burnt it release noxious fumes into the air or can seep into the groundwater reservoirs thereby polluting an entire region.

  • So make sure you do not top off the tank when filling it up.

It is necessary to keep a little room in the tank not just for the environment but also to prevent damage to the car vapour collection system (which again reduces harmful emissions). Forcing liquid into carbon filter can hamper this vapour collection system and thus affect the engine efficiency.

  • Use reusable air filters

Air filters often get clogged by dust, dirt, etc. and it does not suffice to always clean it. You need to keep on replacing them if you wish to boost your car’s performance as high as 10%. So switching to reusable air filters is thus a more convenient option.

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