Comparison between Volkswagen old and new facelift

Comparison Between Volkswagen Polo and New Facelift

Volkswagen Polo Facelift

The new Polo facelift looks classy and gets a new diesel engine as the update. The old 1.2L three pot TDI has been replaced by a bigger and more powerful, four cylinder 1.5L TDI diesel engine. It gets few minor exterior updates, looking more fresh and sportier than ever. With the Polo entering into the sixth generation, it does have theexisting features enhanced. In terms of dimensions too, the 2018 Volkswagen Polo has grown huge in comparison to Mk 5 Polo.

Volkswagen Polo Facelift

Exterior Design

The new Polo has grown in size and looks sharper. The sharp character lines on the bonnet, sides and rear make the Mk 6 Polo appear leaner and angular. Both the A and C pillars have become more angular than before. The roof ends in the car’s tailgate. The old car’s roofline, seemed to abruptly end. With the Mk 6, the car looks better balanced front and rear. To keep the trend stylish, the new car gets slightly-curved headlamps with DRLs that merge into the grille’s single slat. The front and rear bumpers, freshly designed alloy wheels, new LED tail lamps and twin exhausts round up the changes.

Interior Design

From the interior, the new Polo gets an all-new dashboard that makes it look young. it gets tri-tone colour treatment with exterior colour-matching inserts on the dashboard. The new engine start/stop button has been placed near the gear shifter. Even the A/C vents are redesigned and freshly placed too with the new infotainment unit being mounted right above the A/c vents. The leather seats get freshly designed fabric inserts with a thin stripe running through the middle and exterior along with colour-matching contrast stitching that gives the interior a fresh and young look. All this is in contrast to the Mk 5 Polo’s dual-tone interior, which looks all professional.


The new Polo will come with a range of new engines which are all-three-cylinder units and turbocharged. The power of these engines range from 65HP to 160HP with the expectation of the car to be more fuel efficient. The engines are smaller in comparison to that of the old Polo’s engines. The gains are in the area of weight reduction and higher fuel efficiency that comes in-lined with it since all that matters are how the three-cylinder engines will behave in the real world.

Mileage and Dimensions

The new Polo’s engines come with better mileage and is expected to offer between 19-21 kmpl in petrol. The new Polo engine’s mileage is far better than the old Polo’s 16.47 kmpl. The new Volkswagen Polo’s diesel engine offers 22-23 kmpl mileage as opposed to the old car’s 20.14 kmpl. All of this is expected to be highly noticed and acknowledged by the Customers and bring about a change in the market trend. The use of the MQB platform has resulted in bigger size. The new Polo being 4,053mm long, is 82mm longer than the model it replaces. The new 2018 Volkswagen Polo has 2,564mm wheelbase, that is 95mm more than the Mk 5 Polo. It is also 69mm wider than the old car. All of these are minor changes with few being unusual and greater than expected, but all that is to be noticed is that these changes will bring in a new trend and set up fresh benchmarks.

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