Certified Used Cars On Warranty- Making your Life Worry-Free


Buying a used car certainly seems right up your alley in several scenarios, particularly when you have a need for your own four-wheeler and also when you have to stick to a certain budget. Used cars are always good options for those looking to land better brands and vehicle types within a smaller budget range while avoiding paying the multitude of taxes, duties and insurance costs for new cars. To put this into context, buying a new hatchback for Rs. 5 lakh (ex-showroom) will mean ultimately paying close to Rs. 6.5 lakh approximately on-road, inclusive of the multifarious charges and added costs.

Certified used cars on warranty


At the same time, investing Rs. 5 lakh in the used car market will get you not just premium hatchbacks that are a segment above the one you would have originally purchased as new, but also sedans and even an SUV or two. Now the question is what about reliability? How do you know that the used car will not trouble you in the future with frequent breakdowns or service/repair needs? That is where Mahindra First Choice comes into the picture.

In the current scenario, owning a car has become a necessity, particularly for those wishing to safely commute to their workplaces and other destinations while avoiding crowded public transportation facilities. Mahindra First Choice helps you purchase vehicles without any worries and that too at pocket-friendly prices!

Benefits of buying a certified used car from Mahindra First Choice

Mahindra First Choice helps you own used cars which are almost as good as new! These certified used cars go through a whopping 118 checkpoints at Mahindra First Choice. Quality checks are conducted by qualified and trained personnel and this means that you get the best-in-class cars available in the market, at the most reasonable prices.

Certified used cars have a minimum warranty of 1 year while being put through stringent quality checks. A trusted Mahindra First Choice dealership will help you understand coverage provisions under the warranty or provide documents clearly listing the same. Find the best of used car choices available at Mahindra First Choice across segments, price points and models.

What are you waiting for?

Bring home your dream car this festive season without having to worry about reliability, service or maintenance. With warranties and certification, Mahindra First Choice used cars truly stand out in the market while being offered at competitive prices to customers as well. Certified used cars on warranty make your life completely worry-free by all means!

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