Certified Used Car Myths Busted


Certified Used Car Myths Busted

A few taps can give you access to tons of information. Whether you stay in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad or any other part of the country, through the internet you can get loads of information on used certified cars. Unfortunately, not everything you read is correct. There are a whole lot of myths about certified used cars. Lets bust the most known ones.

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Myth#1The lesser the kilometers on a pre owned certified car, the better is the deal

The Truth – The car engine is made up of many small mechanical parts. As with any mechanical stuff, regular usage and proper maintenance is what really matters. It all boils down to how the car has been handled and maintained. Cars that are idle for long will need some serious servicing to get it back on road and run efficiently.

Myth#2Certified Used car warranties are a rip off

The Truth – The normal psychology of a buyer goes that any extra offering the seller is suggesting is just a means to squeeze more money out of the customer. In case of used car warranties, this does not apply. Used car warranties offer coverage for expensive repairs in case of any sudden breakdown. That also covers valuable roadside assistance. Just ensure that you buy a manufacture backed warranty or one offered by a reputed company that is valid throughout the country.

Myth#3Getting outside finance will cost less than financing through dealers

The Truth – Some banks and certified used car dealerships have tie-ups. It may be due to business deals between the two. This is the reason at times you may find certain dealerships deal with only one or two banks. Whatever may be the arrangement, it is always the customer who reaps the benefits. For instance you may find the bank offering lower interest rate for the customers of a particular car dealership. Having said this, you should always do intensive research and carefully weigh all the options before signing any contract.

Myth#4Negotiate the price first, then mention your trade in

The Truth –Based on this myth often buyers who wish to trade in their existing car for an upgrade or specific model do not inform the dealer beforehand. This only delays the process. It is in the best interest of any established certified used car dealership to offer their customers the best price. The sooner you disclose your trade in, the sooner your car gets inspected and the faster you are offered a price. Trade in does not influence the price negotiation of your new certified used car purchase.

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We would keep trying our best to bring awareness to the used car consumers. After all, owing a car is a dream for every Indian family. A used car is definitely a great way & now a safe way to fulfill this dream without burning your bank account.

Please share your experience, if you have been a used car buyer. And also feel free to post your queries if you are contemplating to become one.

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