Buying a Used Car from a Dealer Warranty

Buying a Used Car from a Dealer Warranty

In the world of used cars, a certified pre owned car with a warranty that has been provided by the manufacturer is the safest bet. After all, it is a used car that you would be buying from the dealer and who knows when it can cause troubles, so a warranty is a good way to avoid such risks.

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In general, many experts would not really recommend buying an extended warranty on a used car. Warranty companies are money making schemes in business. It is very easy for them to coax you into spending more on the warranty than any other repairing costs your car may need during the validity period of the warranty. You end up shelling out much more than needed. Warranty is actually helpful when you are about to go for a car that does not have a great record of reliability. Then you might want to buy a warranty if two conditions are met. First, it should cover everything except those items that it specifically excludes. This makes for a more comprehensive warranty by lowering the chances for a claim to be rejected. And second, the cost of warranty should not be such that you end up spending too much money to protect yourself against such problems that might never creep up.

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There are several cases in which it is better to walk away from an extended warranty program on a used car. In case the used car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, there is just no need of buying an extended warranty. You can always buy an extended warranty if the manufacturer’s warranty expires by the time you still own the car, so there is no need to rush. Another reason when buying a warranty should be avoided is when your car is a reliable model. Check user reports and reviews and talk to expert mechanics to find out the reliability record of your car. There is no meaning in spending extra money on an extended warranty when your car probably will not face major issues, though that is difficult to predict precisely. Most inclusion warranties, which only cover specific parts of the car are also not much useful, so reading the policy very minutely is very important.

It is equally important to check the reputation of the company that is offering the warranty, before you decide to go for an warranty or stay away from it, for in the end warranties can come to help when we are buying a used car.

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