Why Buying a Used Car is More Beneficial for First Time Buyers?

Why Buying a Used Car is More Beneficial for First Time Buyers?

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While buying a second hand car you can enjoy the benefits of avoiding a number of fees which you will have to shell out in case you buy a new car. Moreover, you can also enjoy the variety factor – you have a lot more models to choose from rather than getting limited to one or two models according to affordability. The depreciation hit is also higher for new cars when compared with used cars.

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Overall you get a lot of advantages if you decide to buy a second hand car. But you have to be careful in judging the price. Checking out on the valuation of a pre-owned car gives an idea about the right price. The valuation of used cars is carried out on a number of parameters.

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The manufacturer company plays an important role to determine the value of a used car. There are certain companies for whom their cars have a higher resale value than the others. Then there is the car segment which also plays a major role. Higher the segment lesser will be the resale value.

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Keeping the papers ready and clean also helps in getting a fairdeal. Various factors like the insurance details, the banking details for any outstanding loans, the pollution checks, the chassis number registration details and the ownership details, the maintenance logbook details impact the price factor

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The maintenance which has been carried out under the hood also plays an important role in deciding the price of used car. The speed lag, the suspension, the underneath and the cornering are the drive-abilities. The noise of the engine also an important as it generally tells us a lot about the health of the engine. A well maintained car with clean interiors having a good neat and clean seat cover, clean floor mats, a covered steering wheel, a well maintained AC and glitch free windows is surely going to make a great impression. A perfume is a very good idea to deck up the aesthetic factor as well.

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Age of the car is a very important aspect which decides the resale value. With increasing age the value of the car undergoes depreciation. Like age, the number of previous owners that a car has also influences the price of a second hand car. It is inversely proportional which means the increase in the number of previous owners decreases the price of the car. The distance travelled by the car is another important parameter price determination for used cars. The value of a second hand car decreases with the increase in the number of kilometers travelled.

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When all these factors and a few other factors are thoroughly checked and the valuation has been done to have the right price then only you should buy the used car so that you don’t end up owning an overpriced vehicle and suffer monetary loss in terms of value of the car. The valuation process ensures that you reap the maximum benefits out of your used car.

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