Branded Used Car Dealers Vs Local Used Car Dealers

Branded Used Car Dealers Vs Local Used Car Dealers

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In the offline market, there are two main channels to buy a used car in India: branded used car dealers and local used car dealers. This article is to assist first time used car buyers to make an informed decision and choose the right channel to enjoy their dream car.

Branded Used Car Dealers

Branded used car dealer are those dealerships that are backed by established car manufacturing brands. Though this is a comparatively a new trend in our country, the Indian customers have been quick to recognize the benefits and accepting this model. This can clearly be seen in the rapid growth of the organized pre owned car dealerships in the country.


  • Backing of an established brand credibility

  • High quality refurbished cars with use of original spares.

  • Cars with no mechanical or cosmetic glitches

  • Warranty as good as manufacturer’s warranty

  • Presence across the country. No worry about lapse in warranty if you change city or town

  • Long list of stringent quality checks are performed on each and every car before it is put on sale

  • No worry about tampering with odometer or any other parts

  • No risk of fraud documentation

  • Smooth and quick closure of deal


  • The branded dealership work on high margins of about 15%-20%

  • Little room for negotiation

Roadside Used Car Dealers

These types of dealers have been present in the market since the very beginning. Earlier the neighborhood garage guy used to run the show. With changing times the roadside or local used car dealers have tried to get into an organized structure by offering certified cars and warranties but lack of high quality standards have been a major cause of mistrust among the customers for the roadside used car dealers.


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  • High risk of tampering with parts and odometer

  • No guarantee on the car

  • Need to check for authentication of the documents as there have been cases of false papers to sell stolen cars

  • Lack of presence across the country

  • Questionable valuation

  • Long negotiation process

  • Lack of credibility

You might have to shell slightly higher amount while buying used car from a branded dealership but in doing so you save yourself a lot of unpredictable trouble. The best thing is that you can make a stress free second hand car purchase knowing that there is a brand backing you in case there are any problems with the used car.

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