Best Used Cars In Delhi- Top 5 picks


Used cars are becoming more popular as people are realizing their potential. Not only is that the government making regulations that actually support the buying of used cars.

Used Cars In Delhi


A used car can often be bought at half the original cost of the car in just a few years. Thus buying used cars in delhi is much less of a hassle today than it had been a decade ago.

Hundreds of certified used cars are bought and sold each year. The cars of different categories are bought and sold.

Here are the best 5 cars that are sold in Delhi to help you make your decision smoother.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Not only in terms of the used cars market, but Maruti Suzuki Swift has also been one of the most popular cars ever. It provides almost everything and is still within the budget. No matter what you are looking for – power, performance, looks fuel efficiency, this car has got everything.

maruti suzuki swift
Maruti Suzuki Swift

List Of Used Maruti Suzuki Swift in Delhi

The car also has very low operating cost and maintenance. There is a minor problem of low space availability for the passenger back seat. Also, the space for luggage in boot runs low.

Hyundai Grand i10

The second most popular car that people would prefer buying second hand in Delhi is the Hyundai i10. The car offers excellent value for money. It is thoroughly comfortable and even in a used car, you would not feel external noises or any shattering.

Hyundai Grand i10
Hyundai Grand i10

List Of Used Hyundai Grand i10 in Delhi

This comes from the wonderful build quality of the vehicle. Not only that, the carmaker offers very good service. The car also offers the space and luxury you might want but sacrifice on power.

Mahindra Scorpio

The Mahindra Scorpio is a name that pops up pretty often in the popularly used car lists. The car would cost quite a dime if you are looking for a brand new one. But if you are ready to get a used vehicle, you can have one for even half the price.

Mahindra Scorpio
Mahindra Scorpio

List Of Used Mahindra Scorpio in Delhi

Considering the sturdy build of this vehicle, you can be pretty sure the car would be in good shape. The car is revered for the dynamic and bold looks. It also offers a lot of power and can be driven off-road if need be. Not only that, the car is packed with features and would offer good sitting space for the passengers.

Honda City

Honda City has turned into an evergreen sedan since its launch about a decade ago. The main reason for the popularity is the availability of this luxury sedan at a really low price.

Honda City

List Of Used Honda City in Delhi

The average life of the car is quite high and buying it as a second-hand car would not give you much trouble. A lot of different versions have been launched and this means most of the minor problems are being removed.

Maruti Wagon R

No doubt Maruti makes another place in the list. One of the reasons has to be the wonderful services of the car maker. The Wagon R is the best vehicle if the budget is somewhere between 3 to 5 lakhs.


List Of Used Maruti Suzuki WagonR in Delhi

The car even comes with options like LPG or CNG to reduce the running cost further. The car offers wonderful overall performance and is no doubt one of the popular used cars in delhi.

These are some of the popular used cars in delhi and are quite popular among the public.

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