Best Used Cars for Those Who Like Speed


Best Used Cars for Those Who Like Speed

The pre owned cars market is expanding steadily and strengthening its firm hold in the country. Car purchasers are now more inclined to buy old cars for sale rather than buying new ones. This is because of the availability of a wider range of better cars at the same amount of money. The most popularly preferred used cars in India consist of those models which assure the car buyer of easy availability of spare parts along with maintenance and of course its style and looks. For the ones who dream to own speedy cars, cars which can shoot up from 0 to 60 very fast, there are several options among the popularly used cars.

Most Popular Fast Cars in the Country

Mahindra Scorpio

Used Mahindra Scorpio – The Scorpio is the ideal SUV for those who love speed and also look forward to long road trips with their family. The Scorpio is undoubtedly a very fast car and is also efficient on various terrains. It is the perfect car for off roads owing to its robust build and reliability. A used 4 wheel drive option enabled Scorpio can offer top notch performance in the city roads and perform equally well over rugged places, therefore making it the most versatile and favoured SUV which also offers great value for money.

Ford EcoSport

Used Ford EcoSport – The EcoSport, though not actually an SUV still offers impressive speed along with its SUV like looks. This car is such built to deliver excellent driving dynamics and its 3 cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine is highly reliable. These are the most attractive features about this car. The Bose sound system in the higher trims can blow off the mind with its terrific sound quality. The car is fuel economic too and easy to maintain. It is quite easy to find a healthy used Ford EcoSport in the car market now.

Honda Brio

Used Honda Brio – The Brio is among the tiny little hatchbacks in the country which can bowl you over with its speed. The Brio is indeed a very fast car and its i-VTEC 1.2 litre petrol engine generates a max power of 86.8 bhp and returns a mileage of 19.4 kmpl with a 5 speed manual transmission. The average resale price a used Brio can be set to INR 3.5 lakh for one that has covered 20000 to 40000 km and with an average age of 2 – 3 years.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic – This mid-sized sedan is now a benchmark in the used car in India with its speed. The Civic is simple to look at yet very elegant from the front as well as side profile. The 1.8 litre i-VTEC engine comes with automatic as well as manual transmission and attains high speed in few seconds. The seating and cabin is very spacious. A used Honda Civic having travelled around 50000 km can be valued at INR 3.3 to 3.5 lakh approximately.

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