Best 3 Used Honda Cars in Bangalore


Best 3 Used Honda Cars in Bangalore

The sheer volume of cars along with the insufficient infrastructural support of the city and irrational spread of the development are some of the key reasons for the terrible traffic congestion. The cost of purchasing a car in Bangalore is significantly more than that in any other state, due to the almost 18.9 % road tax that is levied. Given these two huge concerns, it thus makes sense to purchase used cars to drive in Bangalore which are also good on fuel efficiency. Other than Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai, the other brand which people in Bangalore hugely favour while buying used cars is Honda.

Used Cars in Bangalore

Honda City

Honda City – This classy sedan has been a smash hit in India ever since its launch more than a decade now. This car is a real beauty and offers the feel of driving a sports car with its low and sleek profile. A used Honda City will definitely offer great value for money with its supreme looks and features along with a efficiently performing engine. The Honda City has been here in the Indian auto industry for over ten years now. The special thing about the Honda City is its impressively spacious boot and reliable low maintenance engine which packs in great performance, along with the premium looks of the car. This sedan has been a hugely popular model in both new as well as used car market in our country, thereby making it one of the most preferred vehicles in India.
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Honda Civic

Honda Civic– The Civic is another sedan which looks sporty and premium and is surely an exciting option as a used car as well. This car had eyed instant success with its launch in India because there was no match for it back then, in terms of its looks and brand value. Great value for money can be expected out of a pre owned Honda Civic, considering the fact that we get a lot from it in terms of quality, space along with comfort. Lack of a diesel model and not so great fuel efficiency might be drawbacks, still it can easily prove to be the best 3.5 lakh that you ever spent for a car.
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Honda Accord

Honda Accord – The Accord from Honda has a gem of an engine that is quite low on maintenance. With a light foot on the pedal, for driving on the highways, this sedan can deliver around 12 kmpl of fuel economy which is pretty impressive, though the figure may be slightly less for city drives. Routine regular servicing from authorized showrooms can possibly offer fuel economy that is a little on the higher side. It comes with advanced technology to boost its dynamics and torsion rigidity. A used Accord is an absolutely fantastic car in all terms.
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