Bangalore Leads Pack in Search Queries for Automobiles

Bangalore Leads Pack in Search Queries for Automobiles 

India is one of the biggest car markets in the world and is fast becoming a magnet for global automobile companies. Demand for cars has grown manifold over the years and with rising per capita income and greater aspirational desires, the automobile industry has benefited hugely over the last few years.

Bangalore currently leads the pack when it comes to overall search queries for automobiles. According to search data available from Google, the year 2015 saw a whopping 40% increase in overall queries related to brands and automobile companies in India while used car queries also went up by a whopping 200%. The majority of search queries for automobiles on Google came from cities other than the major four metros of the country, namely Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata even though Bangalore tops the list with maximum automobile searches in 2015. Queries increased from other cities in the country which is a heartening trend for automobile companies as well.

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Bangalore On The Top

According to the search results from Google, overall searches for car models and automobile companies went up by an overwhelming 40% in the year 2015 both across smartphone platforms and also across desktops. The four metros contributed to 35% of all search results while the remaining search volumes were generated by smaller towns and cities. Search interest centering on used cars also witnessed strong growth and momentum during the last year and there was growth of 200% as compared to 2014. Bengalore topped the list followed by Delhi and Pune recorded the second highest search results among non metros followed by Hyderabad. In an interesting development, searches were more from both these cities as compared to Kolkata. Search interest was hugely driven by both Tier II and Tier III cities. The former had 30% growth in terms of overall automobile search queries.

Before the Auto Expo 2016, Google search results throughout the last 30 days clearly displayed that Maruti Suzuki continued its domination over the top slot in terms of overall search interest and was closely followed by Mahindra & Mahindra, which is emerging as a preferred brand for Indian customers as well. Both these brands had a huge lead over other major automobile companies like Tata Motors, Honda, Renault, Hyundai Motor, Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen.

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As per the early information available for the year 2016, searches centered on the 2016 Auto Expo have been almost double as compared to the earlier Auto Expo held in the year 2014. With several new launches and other automobile news making headlines over the last few months, the search data for the year is projected to be quite high indeed. Carmakers will be happy to see Bangalore topping the list since this is a big car market and contributes hugely to overall nationwide sales of many companies. The used car market is also booming this year and this may drive more searches from prospective customers in multiple Indian cities.

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