Baleno vs. Swift- Who Wins The Battle?


Boleno and Swift are two of India’s most popular vehicles.  If you are wondering which one to go for, in that case, you need to put in some serious consideration. There are a couple of factors which you need to compare between the two.

Boleno offers a fuel economy of 21 to 27 km/l, whereas when it comes to Swift, the maximum it has to offer is 23km/l. On the other hand, there are certain aspects which Swift has an upper hand on Boleno. Let’s draw a comparison between the two

Swift vs Baleno

A Basic Comparison Between Swift and Boleno

  • Swift: Here are some of the basic specifications of Maruti Swift
  • If you are looking to purchase a used car, then it would cost you around 4.99 lakhs
  • This car runs on petrol
  • It comes with the automatic transmission mechanism
  • When it comes to Torque, it is 113 Nm @ 4200 rpm
  • It offers a mileage of 22 kmpl
  • Boleno: The followings are some of the specifications of Boleno
  • A second hand Boleno would cost you around 5.43 lakh
  • This car runs on petrol
  • It comes with an automatic transmission mechanism
  • As far as Torque is concerned, it is 115 Nm @ 4000 rpm
  • It offers a mileage of 21.4 kmpl

Having a look at this comparison, it is quite evident, that in terms of specifications, Boleno is way ahead of Swift. However, if you are looking for an attractive and stylish design, with decent facilities, in that case, Swift would just be the perfect option for you.

At the end of the day, it all depends on what you are looking for and how much you are prepared to invest. If you seek class and top-notch performance, then Boleno would just be the perfect option for you.

Why Choose Swift?

If you are looking for an attractive and sporty design, then Swift would just be the perfect option for you.   It comes with AMT options on the Vxi/Vdi and the Zxi/Zdi variants. Besides, it also contains all the standard safety mechanisms. It comes with electronic ORVMs and SmartPlay Infotainment System with navigation and voice command system.

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What Makes Boleno Special?

If you have Boleno in mind, then it would be the perfect choice for you in terms of advanced features and space, It offers comfortable accommodation for 5 heads and comes with a 1.2-liter 83.1bhp 16V VVT Petrol Engine. It has anti-lock braking and power steering mechanism. Besides, the driver airbag offers additional safety. In terms of overall performance and quality, Boleno is one of the best cars you can ever have at a fairly reasonable price.

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Final Verdict:  If you are planning to purchase a used Swift or Boleno, then Mahindra First Choice Wheels would be the best place for you. When it comes to rating the best one among the two, both are unique in their own ways and comes with their own pros and cons

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