A Used Ford Fiesta Classic- Driving Pleasure Coupled with Refinement!

The Ford Fiesta Classic has been a popular mid-sized sedan for the urban riders for some time now. The decent looking and fuel efficient vehicle has been really popular because of many reasons. The car is available in both petrol and diesel variant which makes it even more popular since India has a huge population who run their cars on diesel.

Even though the new Ford Fiesta Global has launched the market, there are people who love this vehicle very much, why? Let us find it out!

Ford Fiesta Classic

What Does the Ford Fiesta Classic Have to Offer?

The Ford Fiesta Classic has some important features to offer to the Indian consumers. Have a look.


when you see the Ford Fiesta Classic, you will come across an exterior styling that is simple and surely classic. The headlamps are simply looking as well with no fog lights, however.

The design and construction of the body give it a compact look even though it has the standard 4 meters of dimensions in length. There is nothing much to talk about the exteriors actually!


now coming to the interiors, you will be surprised to see the level of comfort the Ford Fiesta Classic is offering to the passengers.

The seats have decent height and posture that allows the passengers to adjust themselves easily. They also have good cushioning inside them and armrests have also been included.

The instrument cluster is clean and gives good visibility, the AC vents are quick enough to bring down the temperature and the music systems will get you going.

Driving and Performance

The Ford Fiesta Classic has always been a good drive. It has solid steering and suspension system which gives the driver a good control over the vehicle. The transmission is seamless and smooth as well.

Even if you push the car to a speed over 80-85 kmph, it will move and glide through the road with ease. The driving dynamics are the best you can get in any other vehicle in this segment.

The Ford Fiesta Classic houses a 1.4-liter Duratorq engine which is capable of producing 68 BHP and 160 NM. It seems to be sufficient enough for a compact car like this. The engine is fuel efficient that gives a mileage of 14.5kmpl to 17.85kmpl.

Final Verdict –

The Ford Fiesta Classic may seem to be dated considering the looks and some of the features that it does not comes with.

But there is no denying of the fact that Ford Fiesta Classic is truly a classic and refined ride altogether in every season of the year. Also make sure that the interiors are fine without any damages in the seats and the dashboard. Check the engine rev and suspension-braking system.

An offer between Rs. 1.65 lakhs and Rs. 2.45 lakhs with the car covering a journey of 35,000-65,000 kms is the best used Ford Fiesta Classic deal that you can get.

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