A Guide to Picking The Best Car Freshener


Importance of Car Freshener

Considering that the car windows would be rolled up most of the time since you would be outside the car most of the time (or using the air conditioning), it is important to use an air freshener to keep the car from smelling bad.

Moreover, the fresh smell livens the mood and makes it a joyous ride. The car freshener helps you to get rid of the foul smell and helps to tackle the problem of insufficient air circulation.

But, the fact is you cannot just go to the mall and pick any product. The following points would help you to find out which one would be a good fit for you.



The price is an essential consideration that should be taken into account. Most people consider that the air fresheners are not important and tend to stick to the ones with the low prices.

However, it needs to be understood that the inexpensive ones might have harmful fumes that might lead to chronic problems in the near future. It is important to look beyond the cost and make a decision that would not lead to any regrets.


One of the most obvious things that you should be looking forward to is the kind of smell you would like in the car. This would surely be dependent on personal preferences.

While there are some who would like to have a light and decent smell, some might like a more fragrant one. It might be a good idea not to have an overpowering smell as it might have allergic reactions or headaches. Men generally like to have a strong smell, while women prefer the fruity and sweet scents.


It would be a good idea to consult other people if you are finding it difficult to decide to choose something. The online reviews would help you get something nice. You would be able to learn from the experiences of others and land on something that has been tried and tested.

The different types of air fresheners available today might be in the form of:

Oil wicks

The oil wicks consist of glass bottles and porous wicks that transport the oil to the plastic top. The holders are clipped to the air vents on the car. The air from these vents vaporize the oil and is in proportion to the capacity of the blower.

The plastic top would have the mechanism to control the amount of oil and hence, the fragrance released. These are a little more costly.

Can style

The can style have gel scents whose containers have lids with holes. The scented gels are quite versatile and can be placed under the seats.

These scents can last long but the effect might be limited to a small place if the prevalent air flow is minimal.

Aerosol sprays

The sprays do not last long but these act quite fast. They can be sprayed directly on the car seats or other surfaces. There are different variants – while some are only for fragrance, some eliminate odor while others sanitize the air.

These sanitizers kill the bacteria spreading the odor. However, they might leave deposits requiring regular cleaning.

Thus it would be wise to consider the different choices before choosing the one for your car.

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