Buying Guide Child Safety Seats

Child Safety Seats

In a vehicle the child safety seats are easily available though in India yet the child safety seats have not been made as a law. People believe that if one holds the child in one’s arms that is very safe but unfortunately it is not like that. There are many a times that due to hard braking the child is flung out of the arms and thus hurting the child.

Safety Comes First

Child Safety Seats

There are several kinds of seats for the child like the infant seats, toddler seat, booster seats etc.

Infant Seats – These seats are for the infants who are around a year old. They have weight over 10 kg and they are 50 cm tall. The infant seats are designed to face the back of the car and by doing so the infant can be best protected. Also the infant seats are detachable and the infant can be carried around in a basket like instead of the arms.

Toddler Seats – After the child is over one year old then the child can sit in the toddler’s seats. These seats are designed in a manner that prevents the child from being thrown forward when the brakes are given. There is heavy padding and sift braces which takes care of the child’s neck and also these seats allow the child to sleep.

Dos and Dont’s for proper safety of the child:

• The child must be seated properly and the back should be resting in the back rest.
• The lap belt should be around the pelvic bone and not somewhere around the stomach
• There should not be any sharp object in the child’s pant pockets
• The seat’s harness should be adjusted well. It should be tight enough where only two fingers can pass and not more or less.
• The padding of the straps should be in the right place.
• In a booster seat the diagonal strap should rest in the shoulder of the child and not in the neck.
• The rear seat is considered the safest for all children
• One should not use a ordinary cushion instead of a booster cushion as there are chances for the child to slide in.
• The seat belt should not be under the child’s arm or behind their back as it is considered to be dangerous
• The infant seats for children below 1 year should be reclined at an 45 degree angle.
• The restraints should be checked from time to time and should be renewed if there are cracks.
• As soon as you have a child and you are traveling in a car, do ensure that the child is made to sit in the seat and your child gradually starts understanding the value of seats and the protection of the belts.

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