Top Seven Facts About Car Safety

The topic of car safety is something that is not dealt with in India in great details. It is true that we are well depended on vehicles but when it comes to safety we do not pay much heed.

When we select a car of our choosing, we tend to overlook the safety features that define it and thus miss on probably one of the important factors in a car.

So here are some pointers on car safety –

Safety Tips

There has been a surge in the accident rates with increasing population in our country. More people have come out on the roads and this leads to increased mishaps. Recent surveys and reports suggest that road accidents cause fatalities of over 300 in a day which is a whopping amount.

And what is more interesting about this data is that almost 70-80% of these have been caused by the fault of the car’s driver either in terms of speeding, drunk driving or driving on the wrong side of the road or even not signalling properly. So it is imperative to take care of yourself while in a car because you cannot correct others.

Indian cars have successfully failed the Global NCAP crash tests. A car is supposed to be run into a barrier at a speed of 56 kmph, according to ARAI’s procedures in the basic safety test. And taking into account the fact that Indian roads afford this speed of cars on an average, collisions are quite common.

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With increasing harm our way when driving, airbags are becoming an inevitable embellishment to the cars. Crashing is becoming more and more common these days and this calls for the lifesaver airbags in cars.

An airbag is simply a bag that would inflate in front of the driver and/or the passenger at times of crash to save him/her from the impact caused by their hitting on the car surface or even have shards of glass hurting them.

It is a major injury reducer. It works with a three-part mechanism consisting of a sensor, inflator and the physical bag which tend to work in sequence during the operation. An airbag inflates on impaction in 1/25 seconds. Cars are available with airbags not just for the first row seats but for the other rows as well. So the range of airbags available in cars is between 1 and 8.

Other safety features in cars include – ABS and EBD. What ABS does is help avoid a crash or collision caused by the courtesy of an animal crossing the road or a jaywalker.

When one presses hard on a normal brake the brakes getting engaged slows the car down but there is the risk of locking the wheels since there is no more circular movement left in the wheels. This can often cause the car to skid along the road. ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) helps avoid this i.e. it monitors the wheels under brake, gives enough grip on the road and the car can be turned with the help of the steering wheel. EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) on the other hand monitors under braking.

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It is thus worth paying more for safety features and one should choose cars according to the safety features they offer.

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