5 Smart Reasons to Buy a Used Car

5 Smart Reasons to Buy a Used Car

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A new car can be the second most expensive thing that you buy, the first one being the purchase of a house. Purchasing a car is not only costly but when the ownership costs along with other recurring expenses start piling up, they pose as additional responsibilities. On the other hand, purchasing a car that has been used previously, even if a little bit, can actually help you by allowing some cash to stay with you, while providing the same quality. So there are quite a lot of reasons for buying a used car. Here are five of them:

1. 2nd hand cars mean lower cost and less depreciation – A new car loses is cash value till a great extent, the moment you drive it away from the showroom. This is the major reason why people prefer used cars. If you purchase a vehicle that is a maximum of two years old, the value will depreciate at a lesser rate, which helps to avoid the big initial hit. So naturally, the price of the car will be less than its brand new counterpart.

2. No tax for used cars – New cars involve state taxes to be paid for them. In many states a huge amount of tax is levied for the new cars but used cars are exempted. The sales tax that the car dealers add to the price of a new car can be thousands of bucks. So it is definitely better to do some research about your state laws before you purchase a car.

3. Low fees for registration – In most states, the rate of the registration fee depends on the cash value of the car and its model year. In some states the registration fees might be less during the first few years after a car is manufactured. The rate is maximum during the first three years, and then it levels off. So in this way you can save quite a lot of money by purchasing a car that is minimum three years old.

4. More features at lesser price – You may not get all those features you dreamt of in a used car, but you definitely will not have to pay extra for the features that you never asked for. Moreover, it is quite possible for you to get certain features that you wanted in the used car, that too by shelling out much less than the original owner did while buying the brand new car.

5. Dealers’ fees – New car purchasers are bombarded with different fees by the car dealers like shipping charges, destination fees etc. These charges so benefit us other than by draining the bank balance. Buying certified used cars or even from private car sellers does not involve any extra charges, because we only pay for what is required by negotiating, which is not possible when we are out to purchase a new car.

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