5 Key Things to Know While Selling Your Used Car in India

Every car owner, at some or the other point of time, decides to sell his/her beloved car for more reasons than one. It goes without saying that everyone wants the best price for their car which requires some efforts on the part of the seller.

Look Matters

Good looks always sell- to put it in simple terms, the looks of your car can make or break your deal. It is always essential to keep your car in a clean and well-maintained condition to ensure a good resale value.

Sell Your Used Car

Points to Remember When Selling Your Used Car

A good-looking car immediately attracts the prospective buyer and also says a lot about the seller. This holds good not only for the exteriors but for the interiors as well. Keep all the necessary accessories like the AUX cables and car chargers to make the centre console look tidy.


Do the refurbishing- keep in mind that even a minor issue in the car can depreciate its value considerably. Make sure you take the car to a good service station and get it fixed.

Some of the areas to cover while getting your car furbished include, windscreen washer fluids, AC coolant and brake fluids, car electricals, faulty bulb or speaker, etc. Sensible buyers of second-hand cars usually bring a trusted mechanic so only cosmetic changes won’t help.


These are of utmost necessity and are the fundamental requirement for a transparent transaction. Your paperwork including insurance, registration, PUC, and bank NOC (if there is any loan involved) should be in place. Remember that a fully insured car has higher resale value as compared to the one with a basic insurance or an insurance about to expire.

Evaluation and Advertising

Evaluation and advertising- as the used car market is revolving, the statistics suggest for every 2 new cars sold, there are 3 used cars sold simultaneously. This clearly suggests that the competition is intense and the customer attrition rate is equally higher.

In order to close the deal quickly and in a hassle-free manner, it is necessary to do the homework and find the best value of the car based on a market survey. Make sure you put up your car on sale on reliable websites or dealers. You can ask around for market prices of cars similar to yours and decide the value accordingly.

Click proper images of the car, both externally and internally, and publish them on websites with a good track record. You should also take pictures of documentation, as a proof of authenticity. All these factors contribute to improving your chances of getting shortlisted.


 Negotiation round- once you start receiving calls from buyers, always say you are open to negotiation, but the customer first needs to take a test drive. You should maintain a firm ground when it comes to negotiating and if you are not getting the desired price, it is alright to turn down a few customers.

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