5 Best Used Cars for First Time Drivers


5 Best Used Cars for First Time Drivers

First time drivers need cars that are less at risk and can be comprehensively practised on without worries relating to expensive damages and repairs and possible future problems resulting from rough usage. This is why buying used cars is highly recommended and while you’re at it, you should always remember that the best used car for a first time driver is a vehicle is tried and tested in the Indian market, has a solid track record of good performance and low hassles and comes from a brand that has a sizeable network of service and repair workshops across the country or the city that you come from.

Here are The Top 5 Best Used Cars for First Time Drivers


Used Maruti Suzuki AltoThis is undoubtedly the king of the used car market as well. Anyone who has driven an Alto will testify to the car’s reliability, hassle free nature and sheer drivability. First time drivers will love the Alto’s compact dimensions, easy manoeuvrability and good performance. The Alto also offers top class fuel economy in addition to decent interiors and is also really easy to park. The Alto is inexpensive, easy to maintain and really easy to service and repair for those little niggles that first time drivers cannot avoid at times!


Used Maruti Suzuki WagonR Another super reliable bet, this car will benefit first time drivers on account of its tall boy stance and better road visibility. This also benefits from Maruti Suzuki’s vast service and repair network and comes with a decent and high performing engine and solid interiors. The interiors are quite roomy and the features are good too. The WagonR offers great fuel economy and is easy to park, drive and manoeuvre as well. This is a fun car that first time drivers will absolutely love!

Hyundai Santro Xing

Used Hyundai Santro – The Santro is a compact, cool and easy car to drive, particularly for its dimensions, peppy engine and trouble free nature. The Santro is really affordable and should definitely be an attractive first car to own. The Santro is easy to park and is a really popular and time tested car. This should definitely be on the wish list of any first time driver.

Hyundai Accent

Used Hyundai Accent – If you are first time driver who prefers a compact sedan that is easy to manoeuvre and fun to drive without being cumbersome and huge, the Accent is the one for you. This is now discontinued as a new car though spares and repairs are easily available and cost effective. This is a good used car for first time drivers and looks really attractive as well. The Accent will be great to drive and really easy to maintain as well

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

Used Swift Dzire – Another compact and easy to drive sedan that first time drivers can check out is the Swift Dzire. This is easy to slip into tight spots and offers ample legroom coupled with decent features. The Dzire has a peppy and reliable engine as well.

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